Happy Remembrance Day!

I know it may seem as if not much has been happening around here, but I can assure you all that is not the case! I am currently working on a new version of Mind For Music, one aimed at better organization and giving some more powers to contributors.

I do apologize if you have submitted anything to the site and haven't seen it posted yet, I am working on getting all new submissions on the NEW site, so rest assured you will see them up there shortly! Thanks for the patience and I should only be another couple weeks if everything goes as planned!

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed and submitted to the site, I look forward to sharing the new and improved version with all of you!



Added another great chart from Claudio Prado today, this time it's Max Roach's "Man From South Africa" off his 1961 album Percussion Bitter Sweet.

Also,  I've added a great Big Band chart from the 30's, "A Sailboat In The Moonlight" by Carmen Lombardo and John Jacob Loeb.

More stuff coming soon!



Happy New Year!

I have been working hard on getting all the great submissions I have received up onto MindForMusic.com, thanks so much to everyone who contributed and thanks again for your patience.

I have been doing so many custom transcriptions and contract work arranging that I am scrambling for time to keep the site updated. However,  I am currently working a new version of the website that will make it a lot easier for me to keep on top of things, more news on that in a little while...

In the meantime I have finally gotten around to uploading some new things, firstly check out this great new original composition from Italian Saxophonist Raffaele Mirabelli. This is his tune "Dostage" and you can find a link to the sheet music here! I have added a bit of information about Raffaele to the original composition page, and make sure to check out his website. Thanks Raffaelle for the great original piece!

Also, I have added a great arrangement of David Pomeranz's "Got To Believe In Magic" from the 1982 Film Zapped!, this is a great transcription and thank you to Samantha Marie R. Enderes for the very fine work!

That's all for now but there will be A LOT of new things in the next few weeks so stay tuned!