Special thanks to Omer Gabay for uploading an amazing transcription of Jaco Pastorius' "The Chicken" from his 1995 post-humorous album The Birthday Concert.


Special thanks to Jason Alex Davis for not only three great charts, but also a very well put together method book on improvisation he has so graciously decided to share with the M4M community. Check out his music and website below, you're in for a real treat!

Green - From his album of the same name.


Four Walls - Written by Linny Nance and arranged by Jason Davis and Derek Bullock.

Jason Davis Improv Book

Jason's website: www.jasondavisjazzbackupsite.yolasite.com


Added a couple great transcriptions from Alfredo Carrasco, "What A Feeling" by Irene Cara (from the movie Flashdance) and "Bella Maria Of My Soul" which I believe is from the movie Mambo Kings (although I could be mistaken).

Thanks so much Alfredo, and please send me your contact information when you get a chance!