The New M4M Has Arrived!

So, I haven't been adding much to in the several months, but not because I have forgotten! I have actually been working on a complete and total revamp of the website from the ground up, adding dozens of new transcriptions, new videos, a streamlined upload form and more transcription service information to help you guys all out.

I will be using this blog to inform all M4M readers of new transcriptions and news related to the website. I still have a lot more new transcriptions to sort through and get online (thank you so much to everyone who submitted!) and I will be adding a ton of new stuff in the next few days. If you have submitted anything and haven't seen it up yet, or have seen it on the website without your name/link attached to it, please contact me right away. I was having some issues with my previous upload form and didn't catch everyone's information.

Also, I am in the process of removing some material from the Big Band section of the website as I have been informed that there may be some pieces that shouldn't be up there. I will have more information about this soon.

In the meantime, check out these amazing new practice videos from M4M's YouTube page:

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