Wow! Thanks so much to Thomas Mueller for six great new transcriptions spanning a huge range of periods and styles in jazz:

Baden Powell - "Por Causa De Você" (from his 1973 album Solitude On Guitar)

Bud Powell - "Hallucinations" (solo piano from 1951)

Duke Ellington - "The Single Petal of a Rose" (from the Queen Suite off the Ellington Suites album)

Bill Evans - "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life" (off the 1969 From Left To Right album)

Joe Pass - "Blues for Basie" (from his Virtuoso No.2 album)

Jelly Roll Morton - "King Porter Stomp"

To see some of Thomas' other work, click here!


Been making some changes to the website lately so you may notice a few bugs and some strange formatting here and there.  am adding a few new things as I go but please bear with me while I try and make everything run smoother!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted in the last little while, I am in the process of getting everything update, I promise.



Special thanks to Omer Gabay for uploading an amazing transcription of Jaco Pastorius' "The Chicken" from his 1995 post-humorous album The Birthday Concert.


Special thanks to Jason Alex Davis for not only three great charts, but also a very well put together method book on improvisation he has so graciously decided to share with the M4M community. Check out his music and website below, you're in for a real treat!

Green - From his album of the same name.


Four Walls - Written by Linny Nance and arranged by Jason Davis and Derek Bullock.

Jason Davis Improv Book

Jason's website: www.jasondavisjazzbackupsite.yolasite.com


Added a couple great transcriptions from Alfredo Carrasco, "What A Feeling" by Irene Cara (from the movie Flashdance) and "Bella Maria Of My Soul" which I believe is from the movie Mambo Kings (although I could be mistaken).

Thanks so much Alfredo, and please send me your contact information when you get a chance!



Added a couple Big Band charts today:

Orange Colored Sky - Nat King Cole (Transcribed and Arranged by Manhart)

Solomente Una Vez - Agustin Lara (Arranged by Alfredo Carrasco Sánchez)


Keep those submissions coming! I am far behind (as usual) but I am working on getting everything up asap! I did manage to get Alessio Roman's last chart up, this time it's Shocking Blue's "Venus", from their 1969 album At Home. Thanks again Alessio!


A lot of cool stuff coming in the next couple of days. For now I added another one of Alessio Roman's great transcriptions, this time it's a horn arrangement of "Three Little Birds" by the great Bob Marley (From his 1977 album "Exodus").


Added another great chart from Alessio Roman today, this time it's a big band arrangement of Stevie Wonder's "I Wish" from his legendary album Songs In The Key Of Life. There is also a Finale version of that chart here).

There are a few more charts from Alessio that I will have up in a couple days time!


I've been distracted by some exciting new projects lately, but thanks so much for all the submissions and keep them coming! I am working on getting everything up as soon as possible.

In the next few days I will uploading a bunch of great transcriptions from Alessio Roman (whose contact information I do not have unfortunately), first up is one of my favorite tunes from the great Elvis Presley, a big band arrangement of his classic "A Little Less Conversation". Here is a Finale version of the same tune if you want to hear/print all the parts separately.


Did some clean up and general maintenance on the site this weekend, I've also added a few big band charts that were submitted anonymously:

I Get A Kick Out Of You

Oh Happy Day

That's it for now, more stuff later!


Special thank you to Ilya Kogan for the great solo guitar chart of the great Django Reinhardt's "Belleville".

I also added (what I believe to be) the last chart sent to me by the Banda Filarmonica, a big band version of "Wedding March" by F. Mendelssohn.

Thank you so much and enjoy!



Thanks to Conner Duke (whose contact info I unfortunately do not have) for the great transcription of Chris Potter's "Pop Tune #1" off his Follow The Red Line: Live At The Village Vanguard album from 2007. Conner was kind enough to include charts in C, Bb and Eb for all of you horn players out there.


Another Classical piece today, this time "Under The Double Eagle" arranged by John Philip Sousa (originally by Wagner). This was submitted anonymously to me (either that or the contact information was lost in the ether). A few more Classical pieces and I'm going to have to create a section devote to the style!

Also, I received a great lead sheet of George Gershwin's "Love Is Here To Stay", one of my favorite standards. Thanks a lot, keep them coming!


More stuff!

Thanks again to the Banda Filarmonica for 2 more great big band charts: this time it's "Simona" by Vincenzo Boriga and "Pippo Non Lo Sa" by Gorni Kramer.

I've also added an anonymous submission of the great Jerome Kern's "Pick Yourself Up", from the movie Swing Time featuring the great Fred Astaire.

Also, I would like to thank Jamie Fee for letting me know that the song "I Am Not Forgotten" that I posted the other day was actually written by Israel Houghton, who I had not heard of prior to today.

Great work you guys, more stuff to come tomorrow!


Mind For Music has it's first ever classical transcription! Special thanks to the Banda Filarmonica for Wagner's Lohengrin Marcia Nuziale (Wedding March). As of now, there aren't enough classical pieces to warrant a separate section on the website so I have it listed in the Big Band section for now. This might change in the future, depending on how many more classical pieces get uploaded.

Back in the Jazz world, a brand new chart of the great Benny Carter's "Only Trust Your Heart". Thanks so much to the anonymous submitted for that! If anyone knows which (if any) album or film that song comes from I'd really like to know, contact me if so.



A special update today: Zdenko Ivanusic has submitted some great big band charts of a few of his original compositions. You can read more about Zdenko either on his website or on the original compositions feature page. In the meantime, check out these three of his original pieces:

"Free Fall" - A video of this is available on Youtube here.

"Light Hearted"


Thanks a lot Zdenko, looking forward to more of your music!



Couple cool things today:

A new chart of Birdland arranged by Bob Lowden and submitted by Matteo Marnati.

Two great new Miles Davis charts from Claudio Pradò: "Dear Old Stockholm" (from 'Round About Midnight) and "Freddie Freeloader" (from Kind Of Blue). These two are arranged for a small combo.

Thanks a lot guys! More stuff soon!



A very special thanks to Thomas Mueller for submitting some amazing charts from some of the worlds greatest jazz artists:

"Waltz For Debby" - Bill Evans (this is Thomas' arrangement but I believe it is based on the 1956 New Jazz Conceptions recording).

"The Duke" - Dave Brubeck (his ode to the great Duke Ellington from his Brubeck Plays Brubeck album).

"Ballad To The East" and "Wheatland" - Oscar Peterson (both from the amazing album Canadiana Suite).

"Song Of The Wind" - Chick Corea (this is a great arrangement by Thomas).

"Prelude To A Kiss" - Duke Ellington

"The Silence Of A Candle" - Ralph Towner (from Diary).

Thanks so much Thomas!



A big update on the Big Band section of the site today. Bob Reed, a musician and arranger from Chicago has very graciously donated a few of his amazing arrangements to M4M:

Mack The Knife

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - (Originally by Frankie Valli, but arranged by Bob).

Luck Be A Lady

Hey Big Spender

(These are all .zip files, so unzip them to get to the individual .pdf).

Thanks so much Bob! Check out some of his groups and projects:

August The Band -  www.augusttheband.com

95th Street Band - www.95thstreetband.com

Grand Avenue Big Band - www.grandavenuebigband.com



Some cool new stuff in this update:

"Ancestors" - Yellowjackets (from Run For Your Life).

And two new Big Band charts:

"Moon River" - Henry Mancini

"I Am Not Forgotten" - Lurch (not too sure where this from, if you know contact me!).


More new stuff!

"The West Side" - Phil Collins (Tenor lead off Hello, I Must Be Going!).

And another Charlie Hunter tune! This time "Two For Bleu" off his amazing Steady Groovin' record.

That's all for today, more stuff (and some great news) really soon.



Some new stuff:

"The Return Of The Prodigal Son" - Freddie Hubbard (from Backlash).

"The Sorcerer" - Herbie Hancock (from Speak Like A Child).

"Thursday The 12th" - Charlie Hunter (from Ready...Set...Shango!).

I am still getting a lot of anonymous submissions which is fine but makes me think there may be some information getting lost in the upload process. So, if you see something you have submitted without your name on it contact me right away with your website/email and I'll fix it right up.

08.08.2012 - Update!

Thanks so much for all your submissions everyone, please bear with me while I get everything together. I am having to go through files one-by-one these days to watch out for certain file issues, which takes much longer than using the auto-upload I was using before.

In the meantime check these new uploads out:

"Over The Rainbow" - Keith Jarrett (from La Scala)

"Pennsylvania 6-5000" - The Glen Miller Orchestra

"Portrait Of Jennie" - Rosario Giuliani (from Luggage)


Thanks so much for all the submissions everybody! I am working my ass off trying to get everything up and running so please bear with me!

Thanks to Deogburn for another great Steps Ahead transcription, this time Michael Brecker's "Not Ethiopia" off "Smokin' In The Pit".

So much more to come so stay tuned!


More stuff! Check out this great chart of Cannonball Adderley's solo on "Love For Sale" from Miles Davis' album 1958 Miles.

Also, thanks so much to Scott Tringali for the great transcription of Ronnie Cuber's solo on "Moanin" (which I believe is from a Mingus Big Band recording, message me if you know which one). More stuff to come soon!

Another Update!

Added a new transcription from Lettuce, one of my favorite bands. Take a look at "King Of The Burgs" from Rage! (2008). I don't have the contact info for the poster, so if it's you contact me asap!

New Stuff!

Added new versions of two tunes today, both great "J" songs: Joshua Redman's "Jazz Crimes" off the great "Elastic" album, along with a new version of "Jeep On 35" by the mighty John Scofield (from "A Go Go"). Special thanks to Martin Grebenstein for that great chart!


Just added a couple great new tunes, thanks so much to Conall Mulvenna for the great transcription of Carl Verheyen's amazing solo on Gordon Goodwin's "A Few Good Men".

Also, a great new chart for "I Don't Need No Doctor" off John Scofield's "That's What I Say" album! I don't have to contact info for the poster unfortunately (if you see this contact me!).

That's all for now; more coming tomorrow!



A couple great additions this time:
Greasy Granny by Charlie Hunter, and thanks to Conall Mulvenna we now have a terrific version of "I Feel For You" by the legendary Chaka Khan!


Check out this chart of Freddie Hubbard's solo on "The More I See You" (from Hank Mobley's 1961 Roll Call album). Thank you to Brian White for the submission!


Added a great new chart of Wayne Shorter's Capricorn today (thanks to M. Kahle!), I also fixed a few broken links and other coding errors earlier in the week.

Also, I have recently uploaded a few new videos to the M4M Youtube page, along with some new practice and teaching tools (a couple of new sections on the site).



Some News (4/20/2013)

Added a few new charts, check out De0gBurn's great transcription of "Bullet Train" by Steps Ahead below!

(If you're reading this De0gBurn, I didn't receive any contact info for you, send me an email so I can link this great chart to your website!).

I've also had to remove a few charts due to copyright issues I found. Please check for any copyright notices if you're going to upload anything, I'll have to remove them if they are not allowed to be up there.


I'll be posting a TON of updates in the next few weeks, I apologize for the extended delay (again), but as of now I am back and ready to rock!

First up, check out these great arrangements courtesy of Shaun Evans:

99 Red Balloons (3 Horns)

99 Red Balloons (6 Horns)

1999 (3 Horns)

1999 (6 Horns)

The New M4M Has Arrived!

So, I haven't been adding much to mindformusic.com in the several months, but not because I have forgotten! I have actually been working on a complete and total revamp of the website from the ground up, adding dozens of new transcriptions, new videos, a streamlined upload form and more transcription service information to help you guys all out.

I will be using this blog to inform all M4M readers of new transcriptions and news related to the website. I still have a lot more new transcriptions to sort through and get online (thank you so much to everyone who submitted!) and I will be adding a ton of new stuff in the next few days. If you have submitted anything and haven't seen it up yet, or have seen it on the website without your name/link attached to it, please contact me right away. I was having some issues with my previous upload form and didn't catch everyone's information.

Also, I am in the process of removing some material from the Big Band section of the website as I have been informed that there may be some pieces that shouldn't be up there. I will have more information about this soon.

In the meantime, check out these amazing new practice videos from M4M's YouTube page: