If you have submitting anything to Mind For Music the past few months I want to thank you and let you know that I am working on getting everything up as soon as I can! I've actually been swamped with so many submissions and I am pretty far behind getting everything working. I am also working on some cool new additions to the site which is contributing to my behind-ness.

I am aiming to have everything up before the holidays, thank you again for your patience and have a great holiday season!

More updates to come soon,



Added a great chart of Oliver Nelson's "Six And Four" off of his 1961 album "Straight Ahead". Thanks to Claudio Prado for that addition!



So there are some pretty cool things happening over at M4M these days, should have a new and improved version of the site up at some point in the (hopefully) near future. In the meantime I have added a few new cool things:

Thanks once more to J.A. Hefner for another great chart, this time it's a Nick Lane arrangement of "Admiral's Horn".

I also added a new original composer, Vince Corozine, who was kind enough to share some of his work with us. Check him out over at the Original Compositions page.

There is a lot more stuff coming, I am so very behind these days!


Thank you to Dana Wright for submitting Melvin Sparks' "Watch Yo' Step" off his fabulous 2005 album "This Is It". If you haven't heard that album I highly suggest you do, it's killer!


Thanks to the anonymous individual who upload a great new chart of Henry Mancini's "Pink Panther Theme" (in the BigBand section). I have a ton of other great charts to get up in the next little while as well, so thanks for your patience if you submitted something!

Just a reminder if you did submit something and don't see your name attached to it, contact me! There could have been some issues with the serve ron my end, apologies if this is the case.



Added a TON of new practice videos to the M4M YouTube page. A bunch of different blues progressions in every key with isolated bass, drums and piano to practice with.

Check them out and remember to subscribe to the channel as I will be adding a lot more stuff in the next few weeks.



Added yet another great Thomas Mueller chart today, Baden Powell's amazing "Samba Triste" off of the 1963 A Vontade album.

I'll have some cool stuff up in the videos section very soon as well, stay tuned!


Thanks again to Thomas Mueller for another great chart. I added his transcription of the late great Jon Lord's "Aria" (from his 1976 album Sarabande).


Added a great chart of Vince Guaraldi's "Heartburn Waltz" off the Charlie Brown's Holiday Hits Christmas album. This one was submitted was JA and Hef, but was apparently transcribed by some one else. Either way it looks great and there is always a need for more holiday/traditional music!